Shiptonthorpe Riparian Owners Action Group (ROAG)

Shiptonthorpe Riparian Owners Action Group (ROAG) was formed after the floods of 2007 and they fought relentlessly for help (financial and physical) to implement improvements to the waterway to make sure this terrible event could never happen again. With help from local businesses, farmers and individuals, the group started first with annual ‘clean-up days’ with volunteers getting together to clear the beck of rubbish and overgrown vegetation. With grant money obtained from the National Lottery, ERYC and the Parish Council, the group was able to implement major levelling works recommend by a report commissioned by the Parish Council.

The founder and driving force behind the Group was resident and later Parish Councillor Doran Curley. Sadly, Doran passed away soon after, but her efforts on behalf of her neighbours will long be remembered.

The group continues to hold bi annual stream clearance days with residents getting together to help each other maintain the clear flow of water through the village thus reducing the flood risk. The next clearance day will be advertised here and around the village when it is organised.

Many thanks

Jackie Hutton 879150 (acting Secretary); Email:
Janet Miller 872276 (Treasurer)